acatalepsy [ey-kat-l-ep-see] – noun, Philosophy – an ancient Skeptic doctrine that human knowledge amounts only to probability and never to certainty.


The picture above tells a story of 8 people sitting at a table, discussing and trying to solve a problem. Seven (black solid circles) out of the eight people are experts in this domain and generally solve most of the problems “by the book”. The void circle represents the data scientist who might not have (and is usually the case) any knowledge in that particular domain. However, he is comfortable working with data and has a specialized skill set which is some combination of physics/computer science/mathematics/engineering/chemistry.

Companies are constantly seeking to get the competitive edge over their competitors by continually trying to address some features/problems/products using domain knowledge.  However, this approach reaches some threshold after which they are unable to e.g. increase revenue for a company. In many scenarios they become biased towards the experience and knowledge in that specific domain and need a different/fresh approach to take the company beyond this threshold level.

Data scientist: It has become an increasing trend to hire data scientists to accommodate and complement marketing research teams by using tools such as machine/statistical learning or some kind of analysis tools to

  1. ask different questions and
  2. take a different approach to solving problems

Therefore, some of the shortcomings, as proposed by acatalepsy, can be addressed by a data scientist.

The purpose of this project/site is to

  • Introduce tools for data science and
  • Present applications of data science.

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