Embedded R Shiny apps

In the following week(s) I’ll explain on how to create and deploy an interactive R application (referred to as Shiny) to your blog/website. Here is a simple example were the throw of a dice is simulated once the button is pressed. The number on which the dice “lands” is recorded and added the associated bin of the histogram. Theoretically, the histogram should be almost “flat” after a large number of iterations.


It seems that iframes are not supported in WordPress.com. For now please click on the link above. After further investigation it seems that iframes, for security reasons, are not supported in WordPress (.com) sites. This can be enabled by hosting the site yourself and installing one of many plugins to enable this functionality for WordPress (.org) blogs.

However, it is possible to embed youtube videos using the short code html tags, even for WordPress.com hostes sites.

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